Written Programs & Policies
Premier Safety’s professionally developed programs take into consideration the specific needs of our clients.  Our site/machine/space specific written programs for Lockout Tagout and Confined Space Entry meet and exceed State and Federal OSHA requirements.  Click here to request additional information.

We provide you a program with content both accurate and site specific to your facility.  By collaborating with your maintenance and production managers we provide a written program which is not biased towards maintenance or production.  By creating a program such as this it provides the worker with a program that will lessen the risk involved in routine maintenance and minor servicing* (such as clearing jams on machines).  Click here to request additional information.

Essential Functions 
Job, Safety and Health Analysis (written procedures) 
Facility Safety Audits

Premier Safety’s training courses provide increased awareness in the methods and means to provide self protection, confidence that OSHA guidelines are achieved.  Our courses also provide a solid understanding of the OSHA standard associated with the particular training course.  Click here to request additional information.

Our training courses transfer knowledge to each participant via PowerPoint presentations, hands-on practical exercises, and through a extensively prepared course reference book (updated regularly).  Training can be conducted at our training facility or at yours.

Confined Space Entry Courses

Confined Space Entry E/A
Confined Space Entry E/S
Confined Space Entry, Rescue Considerations and Protocols

Industrial Lift Truck Courses
Industrial Lift Truck Safe Operator Course
Industrial Lift Truck Train the Trainer
Industrial Lift Truck Train the Trainer Refresher

Lockout Tagout & Miscellaneous Courses
Electrical Safe Work Practices
Fall Protection
Hazcom Train the Trainer
Lockout / Tagout (Authorized & Affected) 
Managers/Supervisors Safety Up-Date
Safety Awareness Workshop (Premier Picks The Topics)
Safety Awareness Workshop (You Pick The Topics)

*All Training is developed to meet our client's site specific needs.  We use your MSDS's, your company / corporate policies etc.

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