Hazmat Response


HAZWOPER Training from Premier Safety provides Industrial Emergency Response training in the following courses: Industrial Emergency Responder - Awareness Level, Industrial Emergency Responder - Operations Level, Hazardous Materials Technician Level, and On-Scene Incident Commander Level Training.

HAZWOPER Level A SuitsThe need for HAZWOPER training is compounded by the large quantities of hazardous materials and waste produced, handled, transported and disposed of in industrial facilities across the nation. The existence of these operations produces the potential for chemical exposure to workers and the unanticipated release of hazardous chemicals into the environment thereby fortifying the need for HAZWOPER training.

HAZWOPER training prepares workers that enter potentially hazardous environments to recognize and assess hazardous situations when they arise. HAZWOPER training also prepares personnel that may be required to wear special clothing or equipment to protect their personal safety and health. Many hazardous chemicals cannot be readily detected with your senses, i.e. eyes or nose alone. Professional HAZWOPER training and special equipment must be used to determine the presence of these hazardous substances.

HAZMAT Response Level A SuitExposure to hazardous substances can be a serious problem if workers do not understand the hazards they present, precautions they must take and the procedures they must follow to ensure their safety. This problem can be corrected through proper HAZWOPER training in the use of hazardous materials handling procedures, compliance initiatives, and enforcement efforts.

If operations at your facility present the potential for the release of hazardous chemicals, materials, or waste, your personnel must possess adequate HAZWOPER training to respond in accordance with 29 CFR 1910.120.

HAZMAT Response Level A Man DownOur HAZWOPER Courses will familiarize you with the potential hazards a responder may face and the precautions he/she must take when responding to a HazMat emergency. Our HAZWOPER training is conducted on-site at your facility while utilizing your facilities HAZWOPER training equipment, which is tailored to meet your needs.


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