Safety Audits

Safety AuditsSafety audits and hazards surveys are performed by highly trained and experienced Premier Safety Auditing Staff. Reports include an assessment of the overall safety program for the facility being audited and a review of all existing safety policies for content and accuracy to assist in compliance with those provisions under the 29 Code of Federal Regulations series Part 1910. Safety Audits include an inventory of the Physical, Biological, Chemical and Ergonomic hazards present in the facility and provide the following:

  • A qualitative evaluation of the presence of each type of physical hazards such as noise, vibration, particulates, extremes of temperature and generic safety problems (electrical, lighting, machine guards, etc.).
  • A qualitative evaluation of the biological hazards present in areas where workers congregate for eating and the use Biological Safety Hazard Trainingof restrooms, to include the facility's bloodborne pathogen program.
  • An evaluation of the presence of proper warning markings of hazardous conditions, substances or the need/requirement for the use of personal protective devices.
  • An evaluation of the need of engineering or administrative controls to protect the health of workers.
  • An evaluation of proper housekeeping procedures.
  • An evaluation of the Employee Action and Emergency Action Program.

After all documentation has been gathered and reviewed by Premier Safety auditing personnel a final safety audit report is compiled. The facility manager will receive four bound copies of the safety audit report and one unbound copy for purposes of reproduction and dissemination to individual department heads. An example of our safety audit report format follows.

Safety Audit ReportThe format of the safety audit report will be to first provide general statements concerning the safety audit findings. Next, to report those items which are considered areas in which immediate action is needed, which is defined by those situations that may pose immediate or eminent danger to workers; secondly, to indicate generic (general) findings, which are those findings that were found throughout the majority of departmental areas visited, and thirdly, those items which a compliance officer would probably impose a citing. The specific format will be to present the safety audit Finding, then a Discussion of the problem, followed by a Recommendation to correct the problem.